Real estate in Spain from a developer in Tenerife

New buildings in Spain from the developer attractive prices and security transactions. Any property in Spain from the developer can become a reliable investment. There are practically no unfinished business here - the money of buyers does not get directly to the seller, and is accumulated on escrow accounts in banks-guarantors and transferred to him dosed for specific purposes.
After buying a new building in Spain, the owner will have to pay IGIC (VAT), which is 10% throughout the country, except for the Canary Islands - here it is 7%.
The apartment in the new house has several advantages:

  • Here is not accepted sale of new buildings with rough finish. The buyer, in addition to the walls and communications, will receive a European-class repair, built-in and fully equipped kitchen, air conditioners and plumbing.
  • Buying a house at the stage of construction, you can get an installment payment, as well as adjust the layout or finishing solutions.
  • Buyer's rights are protected by law - it is possible to demand elimination of any malfunctions up to dripping crane.

It does not do without disadvantages. When deciding to buy an inexpensive new building, the future owner should understand that a decent area with good infrastructure and social climate is not cheap.

Dumping can mean the presence of pitfalls - a disadvantaged area, the lack of shops in walking distance, etc. However, there are exceptions in the form of banking facilities. If we talk about the purchase of housing at the construction stage, the disadvantage will be that we have to wait for its completion.

The townhouses of new buildings are not considered by post-Soviet citizens in a hurry because of the proximity of neighbors. But on the Canary and Iberian Peninsulas neighbors are rather good. Good neighborhood is the basis of security of local life, and it does not have to flow into panic.

Developers in Spain perform compulsory insurance of the objects under construction. Possible serious technical defects are corrected within the limits of long-term guarantee certificates.

Ways of buying new buildings in Spain in Tenerife

Write down the methods of buying such real estate, what documents are required
Real estate in Spain from the developer can be bought in different ways - mortgages, cash, bank auction, installments.

Banks are often investors in construction. To buy liquid real estate in Spain from banks cheaply, you need to take care in advance of the relevance of their accounts and documents, as well as the availability of an amount sufficient for the first installment and payment of overheads. 

The fact is that the bank real estate in Spain is of different quality. Really worthwhile options are redeemed very quickly.

The price is lower than the market by 25-40% makes many people monitor these apartments - everyone wants to buy a good home.

The buyer will need:

  • Open an account in a Spanish bank - it will be transferred to the first installment and mortgage if necessary.
  • Proof of income - all documents must be translated into Spanish and fully legal. If the forgery is opened, the buyer loses huge amounts of money on fines.
  • Mortgage applicants must provide the bank with a certificate of criminal record, as well as data on loans in the home country.

Sale of new buildings to non-residents is possible only if they have a NIE - an analogue of TIN, an individual number for a foreigner. It must be registered with the national police, it can be done at the stage of the preliminary contract of sale.

New buildings in Spain on the island of Tenerife
Tell us about the areas where new housing is being sold
The most popular new buildings in Spain are located not only in the capital, but also in the Canary Islands because of their special economic status, which is likely to be extended after the end of 2019. New housing in Tenerife will cost 3% less in terms of taxes than options elsewhere. Investment attractiveness is determined by the location, area, proximity to the sea or attractions - this applies to both apartments bought for rent, and apartments for your own comfortable stay.
Where new housing is sold:

  • New townhouses are now offered in the Costa Adeje - a large resort area. Sand of any color to choose from on the local 17 beaches has turned this corner into one of the favorite places of marine recreation.
  • In Palm Mar are available new luxury apartments in complexes on the first line of the sea.
  • For those who need a beautiful view, proximity to the sea and affordable price, apartments in Puerto de la Cruz are sold overlooking the Teide.
  • In Sotavento, the construction of new buildings is represented by residential complexes with panoramic views of the mountains, the proximity of the commercial center.

All the presented options are suitable for long-term investments, when buying these objects can be claimed for a residence permit.
Developers in Spain are adequate and reliable, but the increasing year by year bureaucracy, changes in legislation and banal language barriers can become serious obstacles to purchase.

Our company will help you choose the best option for housing and provide full legal support of the transaction in the client's language.

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