Apartments in Tenerife

Buying an apartment in the Canary Islands is possible even without having serious sums of money. There are quite a variety of options, comparable in value to housing in Russian cities with a population of millions of people in the middle class. But there is also enough elite real estate at prices exceeding one million euros.

Buy an apartment in the Canary Islands, people seek for three main reasons:

  • For renting out. Selling apartments in Tenerife near the tourist zone allows you to choose an object that will be in constant demand by tenants. The local climate allows year-round accommodation on the island.
  • For your own rest or life. This option is considered with higher requirements to the comfort of accommodation than the previous one. Infrastructure, transport interchanges and parking, reasonable prices of the municipality, proximity of schools for families with children, and most importantly - a quiet respectable area are important.
  • To get an investor visa. In this case, the demand for luxury real estate in Tenerife worth from 500 thousand euros. Often it is a duplex apartment or penthouse on two levels - a large area of housing on the upper floors of high-rise buildings with a magnificent panoramic view of the surroundings.

The recommended level of income for the purchase of housing on the island is not less than 40 thousand euros per year. With less money on hand is more reasonable to rent.

Buying an apartment in the Canary Islands: features of housing

Before you buy an apartment in Tenerife, you should clarify the features of different types of housing.

The difference between an apartment and an apartment is as follows:

  • Apartment is a familiar block in an apartment building, designed for permanent residence of the family. The status of the apartment is determined by the age of the house, location and number of bedrooms. If it is a studio apartment, it will be both kitchen, bedroom and living room. A separate room there is only a bathroom.
  • Flat - a variant located in a low-rise residence, adapted for a comfortable stay. As a rule, the residence has a swimming pool and parking. And the residential complex itself is located near the coast on the protected area. In luxury apartments there are up to 15 bedrooms with separate bathrooms, they are equipped with solariums or saunas, have several terraces and mandatory utility rooms - laundry room, dressing room.

One-bedroom kitchens of the American type, connected to the living room, are not uncommon. This type of housing is one of the most affordable in terms of subsequent maintenance costs. Enclosed protected areas of residential complexes contribute to a safe life.

You can now buy an apartment in Tenerife from 90 thousand euros - options with one bedroom and its own terrace in Palm Mar. In Los Cristianos housing will cost much less than 140 thousand square meters.

Apartments in Las Americas Tenerife with one bedroom on the first line from the sea are available with a price tag from 250 thousand euros.

Spanish property involves a number of associated costs. This is an annual payment for the use of water and electricity, in addition to data from meters.

Tariffs differ from the Russian in the big way, as well as the price of the Internet with television. Services of the management company - from 200 euros per year.

Legal peculiarities of buying an apartment in the Canary Islands

To buy an apartment in the Canary Islands, the potential owner will have to get a similar INN - NIE, as well as to conclude a preliminary contract to buy and give the seller a deposit.

From the legal point of view, there is no difference to buy an apartment in Spain or an apartment. Often there is confusion, because, by analogy with the Russian Federation, the buyer

thinks that the apartment is a non-residential premise with re-equipment, and the apartment - a residential one. But in the Spanish territory of such a gradation is not provided, both

options are residential. The only difference is the cost of utilities. In the apartments it is lower.

Our company provides services of selection of real estate and support of transactions with it in Russian. Checking documents, arrests and debts without qualified assistance threatens the buyer with unpleasant surprises.

Sale of apartments in Tenerife outside of agencies in most cases indicates that the housing is tricky. Save your nerves and finances by contacting us. Our specialists will help the client to acquire a property quickly and safely.