Luxury Real Estate in Tenerife

Tenerife real estate is popular with lovers of comfortable recreation on the island of "eternal spring", where the sunny all year round, and the nature amazes with its natural landscapes.

Here are excellent climatic conditions, developed infrastructure, well-equipped beaches and many interesting sights.
Elite apartments and villas in Tenerife are located in the most respectable areas of the island. Our clients buy housing for many reasons:

  • Someone uses it as a European dacha. These people prefer comfortable rest at home and do not accept hotel rules and restrictions. This is especially true for families who prefer a long stay in the summer season;
  • Buying luxury real estate in Tenerife is also a long-term investment. The cost of houses in this sunny resort is almost no hesitation because of the great demand among tourists. So you can rent out your Property;
  • Tenerife is a great place for permanent residence and a very real opportunity to get a residence permit in Spain.

If you want to buy a comfortable villa or luxury apartment with ocean views or Teide volcano.

The cost of elite real estate in Tenerife

The cost of property in Tenerife consists of many factors - the size of the villa, the number of floors, the availability of a swimming pool, terrace and other elements of comfort, etc. The

price of houses and apartments is also influenced by the security of the object.

Are you thinking about buying a comfortable house on a sunny island? offers its clients luxury properties for every taste. Prices range from 175,000 Euros and above,

depending on its size and area.