Our Services


Real estate agency "Paradise Property" offers services on registration of insurance. The agency will help you to choose the appropriate insurance from a wide range of insurance companies, including insurance of real estate, business, legal entities, as well as insurance services for individuals, including life insurance.
The agency also provides legal services and advice in other areas, including obtaining citizenship/residence in Spain, customs clearance of movable property and so on.
"Paradise Property is also responsible for all types of tourism services.
Our services

1. Selection and booking of the hotel, meeting at the airport and delivery to the place of residence on Tenerife Island.
2. Display of residential and commercial real estate (villas, apartments, apartments, bars, restaurants, land plots, hotels, etc.) of interest to the client category.
3. Provision of all necessary information related to the purchased real estate: total construction area, year of construction, etc.
4. Providing all information related to the purchase, sale, ownership and operation of the property: the size, timing and location of the tax payment; the cost of maintaining the property in Spain; the cost of light, gas, water, electricity, etc.
5. Ensuring proper notarization of the purchase in accordance with current legislation.
6. Registration N . I . E . - Identification number of the foreigner.
7. Interpreter services.
8. Check the property for arrests, debts, tenants and any other obligations to third parties.
9. Mortgage loan for the purchase or construction of real estate.
10. Opening of bank accounts and deposits of various types, registration of debit and credit cards.
 List of additional services:
11. Investment projects.
12. The help in business opening in Spain (search of partners, business rent etc.).
13. Assistance in placing children in educational institutions located on the island of Tenerife.
14. Rent in Tenerife villas, bungalows, holiday apartments.
15. Tourist programs, excursions, accompaniment with an interpreter on the island of Tenerife. 
16. Opening of companies with any form of ownership in Spain.
17. Audit, accounting, filling in tax returns, etc.
18. Services of a lawyer in civil or criminal proceedings
19. Other legal services and consultations in the field of real estate and legalization of residence in Spain.
 20. Notary services and interpreter services in matters not related to the purchase of real estate.
21. Assessment and determination of the market value of real estate of any class.
22. Assistance in obtaining any banking services.
23. Assistance in obtaining a loan secured by your property for various purposes at the lowest possible interest rate.
24. Assistance with all types of insurance.
25. Obtaining an extract from the property register for the annual Schengen multivisa and delivering it to Russia or another country.
26. Assistance in renting out the property you have purchased.
27. Support of the client in trips for selection and purchase of furniture and home appliances.
28. Control over delivery, assembly and installation of purchased furniture.
29. Control over repair and replanning in the purchased dwellings

30. Provide the tenants with capacity to pay
31. Help with marketing and advertising of your property
32. Setting up the best alarm system