Legal services

Legal Services
 Provision of services to support real estate transactions
Advising on the acquisition of real estate in Spain and its specifics
purity check
Checking the legality of the selected object (presence of debts, presence of any encumbrances, etc.)
Preparation of all the necessary documents for the notary to sign the sales report (Escritura Publica)
Support to the notary and presence at the time of signing the contract
Independent valuation of real estate
 Assistance in opening a bank account (which is needed to buy or sell real estate).

We work with banks such as La Caixa, Santander, Sabadell, Caja Siete, BBVA

  • Assistance in obtaining a N.I.E. number of a foreigner
  • Assistance in obtaining Citizenship / Residence permit
  •  Mortgage registration in Spanish banks
  •  Insurance policy
  •  Legal assistance in business registration