Tenerife insurance

Insurance in Tenerife, as well as all insurance in Spain, is divided into mandatory and voluntary types.

Obligatory insurance includes mortgage insurance and a number of cases affecting the responsibility of business owners.

Our company will select the right version of the contract, will provide legal and linguistic support in the language of the client.

Spanish insurance is issued as follows:

  • A suitable variant of the policy is chosen depending on the long-term goals of the client
  • The amount of coverage is determined and a schedule of contributions is established.
  • Risks are checked, because of which the rise in price of the policy can occur.

Then the payment and receipt of the policy takes place.

Types of insurance in Tenerife

In Tenerife, insurance types are represented by a huge number of insurance types. The most popular ones:

  • Life insurance - financial guarantees against disability or death. The insurance policy often includes funeral expenses and repatriation of the body.
  • Business insurance Spain - covers civil or industrial risks, environmental pollution.
  • Spain considers car insurance to be compulsory for everyone. This is protection of the car owner's liability risk to other persons.

Property insurance

Movable and immovable property insurance in Spain is a versatile practice - for a tenant, owner or lessor.

The policy may cover non-payment of rent, repairs, fire or damage to third parties.

Real estate insurance Spain regulates by law. Current information can be obtained from our agency.

Health insurance

Health insurance in Tenerife must cover surgery and hospitalization.

When applying for a residence permit, the policy should only be issued by a company accredited in the country.