Rental of Property in Tenerife what you should know.

Renting real estate in Tenerife is important all year round, as there is no rainy season here. 

The even and warm climate, abundance of beaches, high quality of service and orientation to wealthy tourists have turned the pearl of the Canary Islands into one of the most desirable places of rest on the planet.
Renting a home in Spain is possible for short or long term, it can be a week's vacation or many months of wintering.
For families with children to rent an apartment in Tenerife - sometimes the only way to solve the problem of food, because they are everywhere there is a kitchen, which is not to say about hotels.

People began to travel more as families, including elderly relatives. In such cases, it is important that everyone is in plain sight, and the hotel option is again of little use.

Tenerife's real estate, the most attractive for seasonal rent is either detached houses and villas or apartments with one or three bedrooms in resortments on the coast.

Renting an apartment in Tenerife without intermediaries suggests that the tourist is familiar with the possible risks, and is aware of what will be achieved through the likely savings.
These options are the most popular for short-term rentals:

  • Apartments Las Americas - housing in the most popular resort area of the island. Here is the best tourist infrastructure and beaches. Busy and tumultuous Las Americas is attractive for tourists from all over the world.
  • Apartments Costa Adeje - ideal for families. Costa Adeje is a more peaceful place, despite the proximity to Las Americas.

These two points are separated only by a channel, on which in the rain flows water from the mountains.

Rent a property in Tenerife by season

Seasonal rentals on the island are conditional and coincide with the peak months for tourist traffic:

  • August is the time of holidays for Europeans, and the Caribbean is full of people.
  • September and October are the times when the water in the Atlantic Ocean is particularly warm. There is no exhausting heat here, so the beach rest is very comfortable.
  • During the winter months the water in the sea is cooler, but still suitable for swimming. Many people come here for the winter. Although the streets are relatively crowded at this time, the winter price tags of the hotels are the highest.
  • Carnival time is another period of increased attractiveness of the island. It lasts from the beginning of February to the end of the first decade of March.

The main difference between the low season and the high season is the number of tourists and the price.

In the period of "high season" they are maximum - it concerns services, meals and accommodation. For those who are planning to stay near the sea for a long time, Tenerife is an ideal place. The swimming season continues all year round, so you can rent an apartment in Tenerife for a month at any convenient time.

There is no low season on the island, but the least demand for accommodation is from March to April and in May-June. Rent an apartment in Tenerife in these periods is cheaper by 10-15%.

Types of rental housing in Tenerife

The main types of housing are conditionally divided into long-term and short-term rentals.
Features of different variants:

  • Long-term rent of real estate is practiced on the island mainly in winter. Numerous European pensioners flock here, for whom this option is more profitable in all respects than wintering in the homeland. With the development of remote work, their number has increased for those who can afford to live on the island at least all year round, and earns in other places. The long-term variant allows to count on discounts from owners. If it is a question of spring months, the long term in this period sometimes happens in 2-3 times cheaper than a seasonal short term.
  • Daily rent of the real estate is chosen by people who come here on vacation, on weekends or holidays. As a rule, this is a high season, so the prices of daily housing are appropriate. There are options with included meals, but it is unlikely that it will reach the hotel level.
  • Renting commercial real estate occupies a special position on the island. Offers are few and often combined with existing business or contracts. Rent a room for offices or shops easier and cheaper in commercial or business centers, the price per square meter starts there from 50 euros. It is not uncommon to resell the right to rent space in an attractive location. The transfer price can reach tens of thousands of euros. In addition to the point itself, separately rented parking spaces, the average cost of 500 euros per year.

In all cases, it is recommended that you read the terms and conditions carefully in the form of a contract. Pre-payment or deposit is taken for rented accommodation everywhere, after which the room is booked for the selected dates.

Renting luxury apartments means that the location and level of comfort of the apartment corresponds to the class of accommodation. As a rule, these variants are located in prestigious residence complexes in the protected area.
Our company will help you to rent an apartment in the Canary Islands, taking into account the needs, budget and status of the client.